Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Word from Father: let all those little things go

May 3, 2006

Anyway, Lord, there it is. When I sat down to talk to You about this, I just felt so confused and helpless and clueless, and wanted to hear from You. I think I wanted one of Your "words" to me, and I wanted to say "I'm sorry" about last night (and I did already, and I know You've forgiven me, though I was intentionally disobedient - and maybe I will have to face some consequences). But anyway, You have spoken to me, and let me see how I have gotten bogged down in all these little, ongoing things, and gotten my eyes off You. So Lord, please, here it all is -- please take it, please forgive me, please get me back on track with You, back walking in Your Presence, praying without ceasing, giving thanks in everything, being filled with Your Spirit on a continuing basis, and not quenching Your Spirit; loving and trusting and obeying and worshiping and serving You, My Lord, only and always. Thank You, Lord, Amen!

So... do You have a Word for me?

Yes, My child, You know I do. You know I've just been waiting for you to slow down and pay attention and rest in My arms, lay your head on My chest, and listen, be My little lamb.

Let the world go, My child. Rest in Me.

I have great purposes for You, but you must realize that they are My purposes, and I will do the work, and I will give you all the strength and health and rest and joy and peace and comfort you need, when you need it.

Yes, child, let all those "little things" go. Just let them evaporate in the sunlight of My love. Just watch them turn, like a puddle of water, into wisps of steam, and disappear before your very eyes, as the warmth of My Presence shines down upon them and wisps them right away.

I am with you always, child.
You are mine.
I love you.
I have a wonderful plan for your life.
Your husband, your mom and dad, even your children are all in my control. I love them, too.
Let it all go, Child. Trust in Me. Be as a little child.
Let Me be truly, Your eternal and totally loving and caring Father.
I love You.

(I love You, too, Abba Father. Thank You. Amen)

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