Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Word from Father: Don't rush; keep your eyes on Me

July 29, 2005

Don't rush, My child. This work is My work. I am using you, but you must let Me do it, through you, in My time and plan. It's all about Me. It must be My work. Just rest.

It's all under control. My timing is coming. I am preparing you. It's a process, child.

Let Me work it out - in your life, yes, but also in the lives of others I am already bringing together into a bond of desire and maturity, to one day be truly submitted before Me. Then I can take you all, united in one body under the Lordship of My Son, Jesus Christ, and use you all, My church, to once again, like the first disciples, turn the world upside-down.

Don't panic. You are responsible and committed, and that is good. But always, at all times, work only in My flow, My direction, My grace. Otherwise, it will be empty, it will only be about you, and it - you - will fail. Success by the world's standards is always ultimate failure. Only My glory is true success.

Please, please, My dear child. Keep your eyes, ears, heart, mind, feet, soul, strength, spirit - All of you, every moment, unceasingly, upon Me.

It's My work. Let Me do it. You just trust and obey and be always open and ready for My Word, My direction, My empowerment, My grace.

Amen. Thank You, Lord.

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