Monday, 9 March 2009

time for our church to go back to Your Acts pattern?... indwelt by Your Spirit... drawing closer to You!

Jan 13 2003

Dear Lord Jesus – Yesterday in church at Abundant Life I saw Your vision being realized. I saw Your people stepping out in faith. I saw the pastor letting go his control and trusting You to work through Your people, Your church.

It is time for us to go back to Your pattern, as shown in Acts.

Dear Lord, please open opportunities today to reach others for You. For me to be part of Your church – actively, in the love and mercy of Your Son, Jesus.

January 26, 2003

The pastor at Abundant Life preached this morning on the power of the cross – and it was such a powerful reminder of all that God has done for me through the blood of Jesus! Praise God! I love You, Lord! You are so wonderful to me! It was such a joy just now to prepare the worship time for life group tomorrow. I pray, dear God, that You will use it for Your glory and I thank You for planning it and guiding me by Your Spirit. Lord, if any of it is of me, change it, Lord! Please! I want it all – all of my worship – to be of You! Thank You, Jesus!

March 10, 2003

Thank You! dear Lord! for Pastor ___’s wonderful messages at Abundant Life and his smile and “Good!” (and the music at church, too). And for the chance to go (actually Your direction to go) to the Pentecostal church last night, and the warm welcome, and ___ asking me to sit by her, and the Pastor there saying he had personally been praying for me to return, and the message about trials and troubles confirming that You are in charge For the assurance that You are with me,, that I am indwelt in my spirit by Your Spirit, and thereby I am made holy and perfect in Your sight!

And thank You for Your direction and reassurance about leading worship at life group. (Lord, I want to bring someone… lead me to some soul today… even my kids… Jesus…). It doesn’t matter how it looks to me if my worship leading is being accepted or that we seem to run out of time and the leader cuts worship short… it is being obedient to You .. and I, at least – and I think, others, but that is up to You – am being blessed and am DRAWING CLOSER TO YOU! (I don’t have to ask You to draw closer to me - because You are indwelling me and just waiting for me to recognize Your presence and respond and grow in You each moment! Wow! So Lord, be with Life group tonight… may it be an outreach drawing people to You!

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