Thursday, 12 March 2009

Please change me first!... no more of the futility of "me"... Open my eyes!

February 17, 2007

I've anxiously been wanting to take notes from the "Jake book"... not so I can change, but so I can push it in others faces and change them! I just didn't see it! I'm wrong, Lord! The book is okay... but my heart is not. I do see the truth in it... but I want it to change other people, not me. No wonder You've been holding me back, putting things in my way.

(Now I'm really wanting to "get at it"... but maybe it's just "me" trying to rise up again, in protest... Lord, if You do want me to find and record those key points... please let it be in Your time, by Your leading, for Your purposes!)

Please change me first. Please get rid of "me"! Please fill me with Your life... with You, Father God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit... my Lord and God!


I don't want to produce, any more, dreams and words that are just futility and ruin and emptiness, Lord.

Better that I never write another word, ever again, that to produce even one more word that comes from the foolishness, pride, and futility of "me."

Oh dear Lord God... Please help me begin and continue to truly fear You! (Psalm 86, 84:9-12)

Thank You. Amen.

Jesus, I am so in love with You. Thank You! Praise God! "Open my eyes that I may see visions of truth You have for me."

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