Monday, 9 March 2009

In the beginning... a bit about me, thoughts about learning and about church

February 13, 1997

It’s funny how you begin to realize, after all this time, what it is that you really value, and what you have always wanted, but somehow weren’t able to articulate it, even to yourself. I guess I’ve never really cared about material things too much, and always yearned for a simple, rural way of life. My kids are convinced I’m half hippy! On the other hand, I’d love to have friends with an intellectual bent, who would enjoy deep study and discussion – it seems the world is full of awfully shallow people! I hate visiting in front of the TV, or sitting around discussing the latest gossip (mind you, its awfully easy to get drawn into the latter). I’m sure people can’t be that slow-witted, but they sure seem to accept that kind of lifestyle without any problem – and seem content in it. How can they stand it?

I’m so glad we’ve take the kids out of school. It seems like that’s what schools do best – turn creative, active young minds and bodies into mealy-mouthed, yea-saying, dull automatons – who can’t even hold up their end of a decent conversation. The kids are getting better at writing creatively, talking and thinking intelligently, being more self-motivated, and more active (no doubt the lack of TV has also had a big effect in this regard!). But I wish we had more of a “homestead” where the kids had real physical chores, and where they could have space to develop natural hobbies and interests instead of depending on spoon-fed entertainment to keep them from boredom. (Of course, when I start talking like this, they start having a heart attack!).

I went to church at the Anglican Church on Sunday. I think I’d make a good Anglican. I love the quietness, especially of that little church. It just seems such a peaceful and reverent atmosphere. I love the liturgy (especially the older versions) (as long as they don’t use exactly the same stuff every time). I love the beautiful old written prayers that you can read over and over and really meditate on. I love the many scripture readings, and the group reading of the Psalms. I don’t know, maybe I wouldn’t have liked it when I was younger because it’s so quiet… but my kids generally seem to prefer it to the Pentecostal church services! And I like the 20 minute sermons, which get right to the point. Why do so many preachers think it is necessary to drone on till you fall asleep or get pew sores from sitting so long? Brevity and conciseness are next to godliness, when you have a captive audience, I think! I also like the frequent communion services, although I have a bit of a theological dispute about serving only baptized persons (and all baptized persons, no matter their lifestyle, as some do).

Well, I guess I just have to trust the Lord… I try to make sure the kids go to church at least once a week (they have a choice now of morning Anglican or Pentecostal evening service), we have family worship most school mornings (though ___ misses quite often), the kids all read their Bibles from time to time, I often just talk to them about spiritual things as we go along… I’ve bought Christian CDs of contemporary teen music, but they haven’t seemed very interested… No youth groups here, no special youth events, basically almost no youth [who attend church or show any interest in Christianity at all]…

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