Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Worship and walking, independent of feelings...

December 6

Lord, here’s another need. I've been preparing this study on worship. And You know that I've been going through a kind of "dry period." Oh yes, I am aware of Your Presence so much, and I have had so much peace and rest in the midst of things that in the past would have totally panicked me. (Though I still do give in to some moments of panic, Lord. Please forgive me). But I have not had those emotional highs, lately, that worship used to bring. And I don't even feel like singing. Maybe it is just me. Or maybe You are just teaching me a new way to worship You, a new way to walk with You, independent of my feelings, of my "need" for emotional back-up and assurance.

I do have a clear sense of Your Presence. Even when I don't "sense" it, I have no doubt about it whatsoever. I know You are here with me always - even if I get impatient and frustrated sometimes because You don't do things the way I would! (Thank goodness!). Thank You for being always with me. Be always with my kids, too, please. Thank You.

January 09

I have been thinking about how Your sovereignty is at the core of everything. I have been learning about "my" purpose, "my" walk, "my" responsibility, and so on. And yet they are not truly mine. They are Yours alone, for it is You who designed, created and controls all things, and it is Your unchanging purposes which will be fulfilled. How amazing - and how reassuring, hopeful, relaxing, it makes all things for me!

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