Tuesday, 10 March 2009

New church building.....Let's start seeking God's thoughts.... and act on them....

February 26, 2006

We have a new church building. God has placed us there. Will we keep dreaming of what we could do, or will we pick up the opportunity placed right in our lap, and start doing, trusting God for his provisions? God has put us here, now. Let's focus on His purposes for that. Why would He have placed us here? What does He want us to do? How does He want us to build and extend the Kingdom of God in this place and time? (Same with the new school! I like how we are just going forward. Our school land we were renting was sold, and we've had new land offered, so let's get busy and make a new school. God will provide!)

Let us get away from the ways of the world's thinking and start seeking God's thoughts. "My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts." God can and will do whatever He purposes. If we are not obedient to His call, He will bypass us and use others. It is not what I can do for God and His kingdom, but what God chooses and purposes to do, and He is kind and loving enough to choose to do it through me though I am so frail and failing. God's passion vs my passion. God's purposes vs my plans and dreams. God's placement vs my wishes. God's provisions vs my abilities, skills and money. God does not need me. He chooses to use me, which is amazing in itself, considering what I am really like! Praise God!

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