Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I want Your pathway of adventure, not doing my thing...

January 13, 2004

I think maybe I've spent way too many years "doing my own thing" at school and at home school and leading Sunday School and stuff, and at home. And I am a "Jill of all trades, master of none," and I'm really an "eclectic approach" kind of person, following my heart, and the varying needs of the kids I work with (as much as I can manage), with - oh, I hope, I hope, I hope - the Spirit of God as You lead me, dear God, down the pathway of adventure and the unknown. Lord, I'm a "flexible" person. Maybe that's why I like those worship songs that refer to "the dance" and "dancing." Like for proper dancing you need discipline and good basics, etc., but space for creativity too. Maybe I'm a bit of a choreographer, too... or at least I need to be in the love with the great Choreographer and His vision (that would be You, Lord!).

Maybe now I need to be a "mom" to other young moms, and to other people's children in less-structured situations than those in our church's children's services. Maybe You will give me a different position - or not - it's totally up to You, Lord! And I actually did learn a few things at the training meeting last night, Lord. But maybe I do "come from the time when the hippies ruled the earth" as my daughter likes to say .

Help me, dear Lord, to do Your will and use me to advance Your Kingdom, on earth as in heaven. Help me to be ready to walk into eternity with You, after already walking here with You. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

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