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Your church moving in Your Spirit

July 20, 2008

When I went to the prayer group before church today, I prayed that Your Spirit would move, and that if it be Your will, that not only the Pastor would feel led to speak, but that at least one other would be led to speak and that people would feel free to use their gifts (as You led them).

Well! The service lasted till 12:30 or later! ___ asked to be able to share, and she told a wonderful story about how You showed her and her daughter that You are looking after them even though her daughter is in so much pain… and that there may be special reasons for pain being allowed.

The pastor’s daughter was leading worship alone. I was going to sit at the back, but ___ made me come sit with her at the front – and I really felt You lead me to “sing out” clearly – and it seemed to encourage her, as she sang with more confidence, I think.

Then Pastor __ was going to preach his “prepared” sermon – but felt he should preach on forgiveness instead… a very “impromptu” message, but surely from You! (Oh! And there was prayer in the pre-service prayer time re forgiving!)

Through his speaking the past few times, he has quoted old-time songs – and I have wished he would just sing them… today he quoted several… and then sang one! No one (not even me) joined the first time through – but then he started again and I joined right in and so did others and soon everyone who knew it.

Also, he really, really encouraged us to respond to God however we felt led – and people did start to say “Amen” etc – and I felt more freedom than for a long time to really sing (praise, worship), raise my hands, move to the music.

(After the pre-service prayer, ___ thanked me for praying for the move of the Spirit and for people to use their gifts and for God to speak His Word through others – and wow! You did!!)

When I got home I told hubby about church – and my son was listening in. Oh Lord, touch both their hearts! Please! Thank You (Yes, You already are – of course!)

I’ve just finished typing my 2001 journals! What an amazing year that was! How much You taught me! How greatly, wonderfully, amazingly You were with me!

And now… Well, I don’t know WHAT now… But I DO know You HAVE been in control and fulfilling all Your purposes step by step, moment by moment, in ways I could never have imagined – and have mostly not even understood or recognized along the way – and yet – I KNOW You ARE doing Your will! Thank You! Amen! Praise God!

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