Friday, 13 March 2009

the sins of the priests?

October 29, 2008

The gathering of the church is a command - but it seems to me that where we have gotten off-track is the purpose of the church, God's intended activities of the church, the headship of the church (including the intended human leadership), the format of the church ("organic" gathering vs buildings, institutions/ organizations/ denomination/ formal hierarchical structures, etc), the body work (each one has a gift... "one another"), timing (daily, home to home, marketplace, temple (the latter being a place of prayer, teaching, worship: but the Jewish temple was destroyed in AD 70 - we are the temple - wherever 2 or 3 are together in God's name, He is there with them)[which is why I really think I need more group study in my own walk - God is with me, His Spirit in me... but He has designed His church (body, family, people, royal priesthood of all believers, etc) to meet together, teach each other, learn together from His Spirit in their midst!).

Thinking back to what I've been reading in Leviticus about the "sins of the priests" bringing guilt on the people: does this extend to "pastors" today? But we are all priests... Jesus is our sinless high priest... but if we treat our human leaders as if they are our priests (interceding for us before God; bringing His Word to us, instead of accepting Jesus as our high priest and the Holy Spirit as our number one teacher) - and if they accept that role/position - then what???? Lord???

(Thank You again for The Shack - You've really opened my eyes to Your love... and Your great, eternal, complex, incredible purposes - and control! Thank You, Lord!)

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