Wednesday 1 September 2010

My Church Journey - new pages!

As I continue to work on this site, I have added two new "pages."  These pages contain selected clips from among my many previous blog postings, specific to "my church journey." 

You can go to my growing list of pages on specific topics by clicking on the tabs (links) at the top of this blog. The first two pages I have posted are about the  "Another Chance" street church of which I am a part.

The two new pages are, of course, highlights of "my church journey" with Father.  I hope you'll check them out, and enjoy them!

The My Church Journey - background page introduces my life-time experience "in the church," and gives a background to the lessons Father has been teaching me, and the journey He has been taking me on, as I've gradually been learning more and more about what it really means to be His church. You can read those stories and lessons at the My Church Journey - the "going to church" time page. 

And - keep tuned!  Soon to come will be another page, My Church Journey - being the church.

Going through all these old postings has been a journey and adventure in itself.  I am amazed and delighted to see how Father has been with me all along this path - and am excited to look forward to where He plans to take me next with Himself and His family.