Friday, 13 March 2009

You ARE working all things out for good!

December 7 2008

And then this morning I went to the church... and there were beautiful (simple, elegant) decorations on the walls and plants - and I knew it was J__'s touch (how You have gifted her)... but the stage still seemed so... bare.

After church I was complimenting her on the decorations and saying how beautiful it would be for our daughter's wedding, and how I had wanted some candelebra but hadn't felt the ones at the rental place were right - and she told me she would be finishing the decorations this week - which include a table on the stage with a long white tablecloth and beautiful candelebra (which she had planned to put in her garage sale but just felt she couldn't!) and Christmas plants etc - on the stage! And as she described her plans, it was just as I dreamed! And she was as excited as I was!

And when I told ___ about the wedding, they were thrilled too - just like so many others who also have been praying for my kids for so long! Thank You, Lord!

Now I know why You haven't "released" me from this church - 7 years (the Biblical number! REST! completion! holiness! consecration, offering, sacrifice, atonement) after my daughter gave her heart to You here (and then went through so many troubles and sorrows), now she is coming back to give her marriage to You, too! Amazing grace!

Dear God, I want to pray for my daughter and her fiance and their baby (and yes, all my kids and their families) - with passion! Lord, I would love if they dedicated the baby at their wedding! I pray that their wedding will be awesome - including an awesome witnss of You to the family, both sides. And oh Lord - please bring the kids totally to Yourself! Let this wedding be a real witness to our other children and their families, too, dear Jesus - please complete Your will, Your plan, in their lives. Thank You, Lord!

Oh yes! Thank You that both hubby and I have spent hardly any money all this week! Wow! But I really do want to pray passionately (!!!) about our finances and our moving plans; and our need for sufficient work and/or income - here AND when we move - wherever You want us to move, when You want us to move (and the very house and job(s) You want us to have).

I want to tell You the "desire of my heart" (but I want Your will to be done even more, of course!): I desire a smallish house or trailer on a piece of property large enough for gardening, and close to work (and close to the beach too, preferably, or at least to water of some kind) - with room for an office/ sewing/ etc room - and a living and dining area good for hospitality and church gatherings in our home! at a really awesome low price that we can quickly pay off - and the perfect job - Your perfect job - for hubby too - and for me, too, if that's what You want (even here, now, as well - and for our son, too!). And oh, dear God, I'd really like to see "the book" - Your book of/on prayer(s)! - come to fruition! Please, dear Jesus! (And I'd love to homeschool my grandkids... and have all my kids live near by if it was Your will).... Oh! But truly, Your will be done!

And thank You for keeping me at this church - for this wedding - and for anything else You have in mind - maybe another, one last, Bible study, before we go? Lord? (Your will be done!)

Lord, thank You for showing me that You can work in many different ways... and that it's alright to have "churches" as we have experienced them in the past - if only You are at the center! If only the pastor is centered and focused on You, and is resting in You and is not swayed by the temptation to power and to religious duty! Thank You for the poem from A__ and R___ and it's arrival to me right after hearing about my brother-in-law - and then, just minutes afterward, about J__ going back into ministry. Oh dear God, draw them so close to You that they never let their eyes slip from being trained on You alone!

My tummy hurts, Lord - in the kind of ulcer spot... I don't "think" I'm worrying. I seem so much calmer than in the past... but still, my stomach twists just like before... oh dear God, please heal my body... and help me truly trust You implicitly! Because You are God and everything is under Your control and You are "working all things for good to those who love You and are called according to Your purpose!" Oh dear God, You have called me according to Your purpose... Now please help me love You - Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit - God! With all my heart and soul and mind and strength - and to love my neighbor as myself! Thank You, Lord! I do love You, Lord! Thank You! Amen!

"Bless the Lord, O my soul, And all that is within me, bless His holy name!" - You have - and will! do great things! amen!

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