Friday, 13 March 2009

We all need one another! And to be content - and delighted - where You place us!

December 16 2008

Just reading about how Korah, Dathan and Abiram claimed that ALL God's people were holy and that Moses and Aaron were just lordng it over the others - Korah wanted the priesthood - not satisfied with the Levirate service - 250 leaders followed him - and obviously also a lot of the congregation agreed since they blamed Moses and Aaron for the deaths of the "LORD's people" after God punished the rebels...

I believe God does call us to be content with the service He assigns to us! We are all priests and equal in that respect - BUT He gives us different gifts and tasks: some MAY SEEM more important but all are needed to complete the body - we all NEED ONE ANOTHER ...we need to be content (in fact, happy, delighted!) with where God has placed each of us - We need to be careful about jealousy in the body: though we also need, I think, to be careful to recognize if authority/ leadership does come from the Lord, or if people are taking it upon themselves. What is the evidence? Fruit of the Spirit, etc! Pray and ask God. Pray for leaders... What else, Lord? Am I right here - or wrong? Please show me. Thank You.

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