Friday 13 March 2009

Word from Father: Just depend on me....

August 1, 2008

And a Word from the Lord this morning….

Norma, My child…
I love you! Trust in me, simply, like a little child… Don’t try to make it more difficult than I mean it to be. I am the One who has already fought the battle… and won it. You are still trying to do it yourself. You still must let me take control. You can’t make, cajole, earn my love and care and protection. It’s all there already. I’ve done the job. It’s finished. I have defeated the enemy! The victory is won! You are victorious – in Me! Through Me! The world can’t touch you. It can’t take away from you (or Me) what I have already completed. It’s done. I am already protecting you, already delivering you, already have placed you under My wings. You are already in my dwelling place. It’s not something you have to work for, earn, struggle for… not even “believe in.” It is. I AM. And we are united. The vine and the branch vitally united. Living My Life together!

A mommy, a daddy, are there for their baby. The baby doesn’t have to “prove it’s trust.” It just cries out knowing that mommy and daddy in their all-consuming love will respond, shelter, care for, fight for! Win the victory for! him or her(It’s only when the child starts seeking its own independence… that simple faith, simple belief, starts to unravel…). Just depend on Me, (Can you really think of even one reason not to?)


I have kept telling my students, “When you get into a relationship with Jesus, your life will just change because you’ll be experiencing His love, and you won’t be able to help but change because you’ll just start loving Him in return without even trying”… and here I am, trying all the time… trying to earn that which is already done, finished, totally, freely available, trying to “believe enough” to be “allowed” or “accepted” (um… aren’t I already accepted?!!) … when the door is already wide open… indeed, I am already inside the fortress… but don’t actively (truly?) “believe” it… don’t just sit back, relax, rest, enjoy… LIVE IT.. .live the LIFE I HAVE IN YOU!! Forgive me, Lord… Open my heart… and eyes… and arms… to You!
Thank You.

To dwell is to abide… to love… to know You… to call on You… to be satisfied in/by You! … and thus to abide and dwell… and love, know, call upon You even more… and be even more satisfied… and abide and dwell even more… and so it goes… and grows… an eternal, growing, perfecting, amazing relationship between little me… and the Almighty Father God of the Universe, by the blood of His Son, Jesus, and the power and guidance of His Spirit! Amen!
Thank You! Amen! Yay!!!

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