Friday 13 March 2009

Thinking about gatherings with Jesus... in the book of John

March 2008 …. Miscellaneous notes from my “John study”
8:1 But Jesus went to the mount of Olives. (the place of quiet, the garden, where he could be alone, talking with Father… oh Lord, help me to go to the quiet place, often, with You…)
8:2 Early in the morning (at dawn), He came back into the temple court and the people came to Him in crowds. He sat down and was teaching them. (and they would have been standing around You… or sitting on the floor… probably gathered all around wherever there was a spot, but surely not in tidy rows in chairs… they came “in crowds”… eager to hear YOU, eager to hear the Words of Father… spoken through You, the Word, the Truth, the Light, the Way… and, I suppose – based on other descriptions of Your teaching times – they would have been asking questions, and You answering them, turning their questions away from their agendas and their darkened understanding, toward the light and the truth of Your Father… Your Spirit… You Yourself, the Son, the Word, the Savior and Creator and God!)

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