Thursday 12 March 2009

Up-and-down-socks... planning? .... being the "grandma teacher"... yes, one day at a time

November 18, 2007

Okay, so I also wanted to mention (if I haven’t already?) that I’ve been thinking again about the idea ___ and I had about a tutoring/ homework ministry kind of thing through the church. It just keeps popping into my head every time anyone talks about where the church should go from here, or as Pastor ___ was urging everyone this morning, “Find and serve doing whatever makes your socks go up and down!” (Hehe! Just a couple days ago – Friday – I was ready to quit teaching forever! Oh well, this isn’t school-teaching! No marks or pay cheques – just doing something I love! For You, whom I also love! What could be more excellently enjoyable than that??? (Well, of course, anything that’s got You in charge and leading the way and taking me along with You on the journey/ adventure! Woohoo! Yippee!

Okay… which also remind me… “upcoming events” at the church… I see ___’s planning another ladies Bible study in January… well, I’ve been doing some planning again on the “Kingdom” study… not too quickly, but it still is exciting! Yes, I know! Your way, Your plans, Your purposes, Your timing!

Yes! Why oh why do I still keep getting these pictures, flashes – even visions?!?! – of me in a “camp” or – even better?!?! – some kind of intentional community setting – surrounded by kids, being the “grandma teacher,” and by moms, teaching and sharing home skills and Your Word – learning and living together holistically with You at the center!! … Lord, it just does not want to go away!! Can it be You after all and maybe no just my wants and wishes?

Yes, I know… one day – Today – at a time!!!!

Thanks for this great pen my honey got me! It just flows! Weehaw! Bless him, Lord, and help me really love him with all my heart. Thank You! Blessings to You and Praise Your name! I love You, Lord! You are so awesome, majestic, incredible! Amen! In Jesus’ name! thank You! Good night!

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