Friday, 13 March 2009

"separating the sacred from the profane"... but all of life should be "holy unto the Lord!"

January 15, 2008

Dear Father, Thank You again for all the amazing help You give me even when I don’t ask for help! But oh, I do want Your help… and now that You’ve brought it to my attention, I do want to ask You for help!

Interesting… I always seek Your will when Bible reading. I try to seek Your will when praying, or about “church” and other “Christian” activities.. and about “big decisions”… BUT…

I sure don’t nearly often enough seek Your will about each little step of the way, in all parts of life.

In other words, I have been counting on my skill and ability (and “responsibility”- a word that is NOT in the Bible! Wow! I was shocked when I heard that!)…

And I have been, without even realizing it, separating the “sacred from the profane” (the things that don’t seem to be “strictly religious” … failing to realize that because all things are ultimately (and finally) in You, all of life… especially for one who has chosen to follow You… is to be sacred, “holy unto the Lord,” and surrendered to You and to Your purposes and plans and activity! Wow! Thank You for showing me this! Praise God~!

(And now – please help me put it into action! Thank You!)

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