Friday, 13 March 2009

getting freedom from church gossip!

January 5, 2009

I have been realizing that You are answering my prayer to keep me from gossip - for it seems that I know little or nothing of what is "going on" in the church... or even among family or friends (and what I do know among family and friends - and church - I am more likely to bring to You - hopefully leave with You - rather than spread to others, as I have in the past). Thank You! for Your help in this area!

At church (prayer meeting, services) I hear references to church problems, but I really don't know what those problems are (except sometimes in the very widest, non-detailed form). That is nice - less (or no!) temptation to "spill the beans" ...
This little voice on my shoulder is trying to tell me that actually I am just avoiding "being involved" and that is why I don't know stuff... but I have asked God to place me where HE wants and involve me as HE wants... so I have to assume that "voice" is the enemy trying to get me back ino the gossip/ rumor mill! (Oh! maybe the gossip mill has just generally broke down in the church anyway??!!??!! If so, wouldn't that be awesome!!!) ... Oh dear God, please continue to keep me free from it - and please continue to place me and use me where You want/ purpose/ plan/ desire/ know is Your best plan and purpose for me! Thank You! Amen! In Jesus' name! amen.

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