Friday, 13 March 2009

enjoying "being the church"... and thoughts about church "membership"

February 11, 2009

Yo! So yesterday, Tuesday, it was cold and windy. I ran out and took some "snow melt to date" type pictures - then it snowed (lighty- and then mostly melted) again today!

Yesterday morning I went to the Upper Room coffee time (with street people), and had a great chat with a guy who lived on Haida Gwaii for a couple years. Turns out we know lots of the same people and places.

Today I actually did a lot of typing from my old journals... got them caught right up to date! Wow! Finally! That is something I've been working on for a good year or so! Now to post it on my Mother's Journey site.

A friend sent me a link to a simple church site. I signed up... liking it already!
I had a great visit over coffee at Tim's with a former student and her friend. Excellent!

This evening I went to the Truth Project videos on science and Darwinism. Pretty good. Not so much new information, but stuff I already knew well put together and well presented.

Someone asked me if it is true that we are "leaving the church" as they had heard it through the grapevine (oh dear..). I said that we are planning to move as soon as hubby gets a job, and so we're doing as much stuff as possible ahead of time (de-cluttering, packing boxes, closing down group memberships, etc), so we can GO when a job offer comes. I also explained how I feel about "church" in general, and particularly the "political" structures... (including recent "politics" that go way back, and need to be dealt with in terms of forgiveness... and maybe some major de-structuring... in my viewpoint!)

(And as I said to hubby later, I am feeling like having one's name on a membership roll is in a strong sense agreeing to "church structure" which I really struggle with because it seems so unbiblical... and it also results in me being begged to attend "meetings" and take part in "voting" that I just can't agree with...)
Well, Father, You have "released me" - not, of course, from the church as Your body - but from the "politics" and "scaffolding" ... thank You! Wooh! (And a wee bit scary... yep, reading/typing today my "de-church" (like my past "de-school") fears I was writing about last summer.

I am thinking I may make separate "pages" on my blog for my various "topics" ... keep my day-to-day blog going, but set up "topical" archives (rather than chronological ones) if I can figure out how to do that.

Really been enjoying reading everybody's "25 things" on Facebook! So cool!

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