Thursday, 12 March 2009

Freed to be Your child in Your Presence!... and a new vision of "teaching!"

December 17 2007

Lord, You know I read The Shack today… and want to share it with all my kids…

Anyway, I was looking at our church bulletin and it’s headline reads “Here to Set God’s People Free” … and I really wondered about that. Can people – even the “church” – set people free… except by pointing them to You, in relationship with Whom is found the only true freedom? And what does it mean by “God’s people” I wonder? All of Your children, the ones who have accepted Your salvation and the ones who haven’t (yet? or ever?)

December 18 2007

Interesting… The Shack confirmed so much of what You have been teaching me! And yet at the same time also freed me to really feel free to be Your child in Your Presence… yes, with a great sense of awe, quietness, reverence… but also with comfort, familial love, safety, security… even confidence (in its pure meaning)! Thank You! Oh how I love You – Father God (daddy!), Jesus (Yeshua, Life), Holy Spirit (breath of life, summer breeze!).

Thank You for the images (the characterizations, metaphors, word pictures – things beloved by a writer!) the book presents of You – and the ones You are just giving to me, personally, right now!

Thank You for the day to read The Shack … and the chance to know You more…. Thank You for first preparing my heart. Thank You for showing Yourself to me so clearly, in new and amazing ways… and in ways which I had glimpsed before but now my eyes are more open… more healed… oh, dear Holy Spirit, please continue Your healing of my eyes and my spirit! Thank You, Lord! Amen! In Jesus’ name!

Praise God! Praise God! Hallelujah! Mighty God!

(And thank You for the glimpse of my little lost child (it was her, wasn’t it?) among the others playing at the waterfall… and the healing of my spirit at that moment… thank You for the healing of tears… and for fulfilling Your promise, even now, to wipe them away, so gently and lovingly. Oh thank You, Holy Spirit, Spirit of Father God and my dear sweet Jesus! Thank You! Daddy! Praise God!)

Maybe You don’t want me to do a “kingdom” study after all? Maybe You just want me to order a bunch of copies of The Shack and start a book club discussion group? (Learning from Your word and Your Spirit, together in You? Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit?)

Oh dear God, I once again long to be freed from the tyranny of the school system with its hierarchy and demands and never-ending rules…

I have this picture of myself sitting with my students, gathered together, learning together, with You there in the circle with us, in relationship together… with You!

(And sitting on the floor, eating lunch with them, praying, chatting, whatever – whatever YOU want!)

Oh Thank You for the picture! Please work out the details… Your way!

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