Friday, 13 March 2009

thank You for all the "church" times this week!

February 15 2009

So I woke up this morning with a sore throat, splitting headache, sore eyes, sick to my stomach… allergic reaction to those cleaning products… And so I didn’t “go to church” … not even to “church in the park.”

I have not been “praying from my list” hardly at all the past couple weeks at least… though I quite often think of individual requests and just pray for them then and there… I should no doubt pray more for these “supplications” …. But I have also been realizing once again that prayer includes all the time I’m thinking of You, talking of You, journaling, the things I’m doing because of You, getting excited or thankful when I see Your works, read Your Word, hear Your voice… yes indeed…. that is what I want” life in the vine… prayer without ceasing! …. practicing the presence of God!!! (Not (of course) that I’m there yet, but oh dear God, thank You for moving me in that direction - Your direction - and please forgive me when I get distracted (especially when I choose to be distracted! Oh dear… I am sorry…)
Thank You for all the “church” You brought my way this past week! It was awesome!

I am tired now. Maybe I need some “Sunday siesta” Lord?

Question for myself: Do I fill the places I go with the “spectacle of God’s presence”?

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