Monday, 3 September 2012

thank You for loving me

(Written Feb 10, 2102 in my journal)

Thank You for loving me so much - totally undeservedly (PS I have a hard time saying that - my pride getting in the way) and really truly in total grace (ie nothing I can do can make You love me more or less... though justice must be served, and consequences of my actions/ thoughts/ attitudes must - usually? - occur - is that right?? oh boy.)  (Do justice and consequences negate Your love?  Obviously no - in fact, Your love is shown through those things, even as Your discipline helps me to repent and turn from evil, and grow in Your righteousness - and draw closer to You and experience/ live more closely/ fully in Your already-existing and unchangeable and perfect love!) (Much as parents discipline their children because they love them and care about their lives, present and future, right?!)

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