Monday 3 September 2012

contentment? holy discontentment?

(Written 16 March 2012 in my journal)

Opening my heart again to growing awareness of Your Presence.

Emphasis on the "growing."  Seems like maybe I got "content."  There is a good in contentment with our life, in general, but I think there is a "holy discontent" needed in our relationship with You, else we grow stagnant and self-righteous and/or fall into a kind of fatefulness.  I believe You place within us a never-ending "dissatisfaction" with our minutely human level of relationship with You ... we don't just "need You" but we need more and more and more of You.  We can never have "enough" of You, really and truly.  In an eternity of knowing You, there can never be "enough" - You are Creator, we are Your creatures... and Your vastness is unreachable, unsearchable - and yet in growing love relationship we cannot help but reach out for home - and in that is truly found joy!

(And yes, that applies to human relationships of love, also, does it not - for all love, true love, is from You and is of You: there is no true love that is not wrapped up in, conceived in, nurtured in, grown in You - whether we recognize it or not - for You are Love).  (A pretty strong argument for Your reality, I'd say!) :-)

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