Monday, 3 September 2012

love in relationships... and goodness... and Truth...

(Written on September 2, 2012, in my journal)

Something that occurred to me this morning:

When one considers how  much difficulty we have in relationships with the one (or few) we love most (spouse, children, parents, dearest friends)... it really isn't surprising how much difficulty the church has in its relationships with one another ... and yes, with God (individually and corporately).

If God was not constantly present and active, there would be no hope... and no love (because no love means absence of God who is Love)...

There is good ... and some degree of love... in almost everyone (maybe even everyone?) and everything...

And in fact there is a great degree of good!  Far more than we "deserve" because God in His mercy does not withdraw His love.  Yes, we suffer the consequences of our (personal and corporate) choices... and in that sense we bring judgment upon ourselves.  Is that what "God's judgment" means?  Or is His judgment more direct and personal, straight from Him?  Or is it a combination?  Is God's love and mercy greater than His judgment - or is His judgment an aspect of His love and mercy - calling us to turn to Him, saving us from ourselves, warning us ... somewhat as parents discipline their children "for their own good"?

You are Truth.  I do want to walk as Jesus walked.  In truth.  (Okay, well at least some of the time.  I know I have a long way to go in that department).
So You are Truth.
Yes. Focus on You.
The "details" will sort themselves out ... somewhere in eternity ... though I'm pretty sure we'll never "arrive" at understanding all about God.  Being creatures, after all.  And not God.  Creator.)
(Still, it will be pretty awesome to "see You face to face" ...)
No fear there!  (Well, I am pretty convinced of Your love and mercy and forgiveness and goodness, anyway.  Most of the time!) (Yikes!)
Everytime I think I'm convinced, or think I've got things figured out, You toss in a whole other set of circumstances/ questions.  It's an adventure, all right.
Overall, I'm good for the adventure.  Though I sometimes get scared/ puzzled in the middle of it.  But that's okay.  Good, even.  :-)

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