Sunday, 16 September 2012


September 10, 2010 (catching up again, yes)

I decided to do Sunday Sabbaths (no, I don't mean religious days; I mean days of rest ... and Sunday works well, because I have to "go to work" Monday to Friday, and often need to help family or do other things like that on Saturdays.  So Sunday made sense from the "resting" viewpoint).

But I kind of forgot what that can mean if I don't get everything done (chiefly tutoring preps, editing, and other "work-related" stuff due Monday morning, you know) by Saturday evening.  So I wasn't feeling well on Saturday ... spent time sleeping, not able to focus well, etc ... but maybe also focused on some things that could have been done later...

I guess I wanted my Sabbath days to be "holy" in that I'm doing this because You set the example by resting (I wonder what You really did that day?  Took an extra long stroll in the garden, just enjoying the new creation and its "good"-ness?  Or?)  Anyway, I was pretty sure that the time I spent yesterday at the "church gathering" and the journaling/ Bible time with You ... maybe that nice little stroll in the park too? ... might "qualify" ...

(Did I really think that???)

... but did watching a movie with my hubby in the morning fit it?  (a kind of violent kung-fooey sort of movie actually)  (but it did make him happy to have me sit with him sharing in something he enjoys...)...

... and what about the time I spent looking at facebook (which I intended NOT to do on my "Sabbaths"!) ...  well, I did post a link to a couple articles on "grace" ... in a slightly hesitant manner, I must admit ... oh boy, why am I so scared about posting things I find interesting .... I guess I just don't like all those pictures and posters people put up that have "religious" sayings splashed over them... though I do like -- and admire -- when people post up their own thoughts, and links to actually thoughtful blog posts and stuff.  Especially when posting those thoughts are going to make some people mad, even though the posts are thoughtful and gently worded and all. 

(LOL When I want to "stir the pot" a bit, or just want to say something I'm kind of afraid some folks won't like, I generally do it here!  Why?  Because almost no one reads it?  While I have like 700 "friends" on facebook?  ha!  One day, I was shocked to see that almost a hundred people read one of my blog posts ...  probably more than my fb statuses even with all my friends.  Oh my.)

Anyway, why am I so scared?
Am I "ashamed of You"?
Old habits die hard?

I wonder how many of my "friends" on facebook even know I'm following You?  (And if they don't, am I not really following You after all?)  :-(

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