Monday, 3 September 2012


(Written on June 10, 2012 in my journal)

2 months later ... what happened?!?!  (Well I did produce 16 "Easy to Learn" booklets, and several brochures, and have started a new edition of my cookbook...)

Thank You, Lord, for reviving poetry in my heart (and in all of me!) through...
- K and her poetry unit - and her eyes being opened to poetry!
- M and her handwriting - copying R L Stevenson poems!
- K and her love of writing poetry
- C's encouraging words... and R's... and J's....
- and my own copy of that wonderful poetry book for children I was finally able to track down
- and Proverbs and Psalms (etc)
- and the "mystic" chapter in Generous Orthodoxy (and much of the rest of that book, too)
- and my "prayers and meditations" from way back when on my Pen and Paper Mama 2 website - and my poetry there, too!
- and the inspiration to decide to do a booklet (or 2 or 3) of my stuff
- and the longing You've given me to really write - with You! - again!

Wow! Thank You!

Did I just hear a smiling, "You're welcome!"?  Yep!  Thank You!  Praise Your Holy Name!

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