Sunday, 16 September 2012

do methods help

7 September 2012 (yes, yes, a week ago)

So I was "studying" Matthew 4.  And I only got half way through, when the "plan" was the whole chapter.  And I found myself asking, "Can I stop half way through the chapter, and pick up the rest later?"

I DON'T "HAVE TO" ... or "SHOULD" ... follow a set plan or method ... or make a "habit" of "devotions" or whatever.  Do I?  (And yes, we talked about this at the gathering this morning, too).

I DO want to hear You, though.
All the time.
But I'm not a very good listener.
I want to be.
A "method" might be helpful....
    Or maybe not.

Maybe just practicing.  Listening...  Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling (?), tasting [you know, "taste and see..."] Your Presence...

Maybe there is something "sense-ual" about the Common Meal, the Eucharist, that makes it important for us (besides the "spiritual sense" ... and no, I wasn't referring to transsubstantion or whatever ... which I really don't know much about by the way)...
And about being out in nature...
And listening to and singing/ making music....
And about sharing a cup of cold water...

A kind of "physical knowing/ sensing" of You that we very flesh-ly creatures need?

"When you did it unto the least of these, You did it unto Me."

Enough.  For now.

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