Monday, 3 September 2012


(Written December 2, 2011 in my journal)

Thank You for all the people You bring into my life.  Please give me boldness to proclaim Your gospel.  Yes, to live it - but to speak it too.

I feel as though I am wasting time :-(   It's not enough to just "do good things" is it?  Without the proclaiming of the Gospel, are the "good works" wasted?  I want to proclaim - but I seem not to know how.  I mean to look for "proclaimable moments" (like I watch for "teachable moments" in teaching and tutoring) but I seem to miss them, and/or clam up and/or bumble and stumble.

There was a time when I wanted to "get up and preach" - but it seems so, well, "churchy" ... and on the other hand, the idea of "street preaching" (since I spend a good deal of time on the street feeding the hungry and spending time with the street family) seems so "quaint" and "un-PC" - but maybe that's because, nowadays at least, it is usually done by "quaint" people - though I sure did enjoy listening to the "Pastor Micaiah" guy - despite his quaint pointy cowboy boots :-)

And Mrs. W was awesome to hear (despite her interesting little group of helpers and their squeeze-box and trumpet music)... man, she could really preach!  Better than her husband, IMHO.

But maybe it isn't about "better" or "worse" or even "quaint."  Maybe - okay, for sure! - it's really about obeying Your call and Your command, and about loving others and not wanting to see them lost, and about listening to and heeding Your voice through Your Spirit and proclaiming whatever words You give.

It just occurs to me that passersby probably think R and I are quite quaint, too, with our little outdoor breakfasts for the street people! LOL!

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