Monday, 3 September 2012

Still dreaming

(Written November 26, 2011 in my journal)

It is sure blowing outside.  Not cold.  But gray.
Makes me want to go home.  To my islands.
I don't even want to look outside.

I still long for the day when I can have my little cabin by the ocean - away from "town" - and my old bus I can take on back roads and explore the land.  Why not?  I'd be willing to live super simple.  Yes I would.  Please?

Can Grandmothers backpack through Europe?  Please?

Or should I just be content with what I have?  Father? Jesus? Holy Spirit?  (Yes, Your will be done).

After all, I'm only 56.  I probably have at least 20 years, or 30 even.  So why not?

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