Monday, 3 September 2012

liturgy and ancient paths

(Written Nov 26, 2011 in my journal)

I was watching a program about the St. John River in New Brunswick, and how it has been changed by hydro damming.  And how that has affected the native peoples' relationship to it - and how they are giving tobacco gifts to the Great Spirit to let Him know they are care about it.

I feel so lacking in historical/cultural background.  Again, what can I claim in my background that is special, unique, heritage?  Even my "Christian heritage," as much as I appreciate it, seems to "lack" in some way - perhaps in a "hands-on" approach?

I loved the Anglican liturgy in the few years I attended and participated - whether it was a native or non-native gathering.  Somehow those ancient words - prayers, songs, responses - created a connection with believers - family - of the past.  As did even the candles, rituals, priests' robes, kneeling stools, hand-carved walls and furnishings and altar, stained glass...

I wonder why so many "Protestants" were so eager to go "simple"?  And yet, they quickly created their own traditions - barren, I feel, in comparison.

Barren in terms, especially, of forsaking the ancient psalms, songs, prayers - the loss of the word (Word?) it seems.

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