Monday 22 November 2010

Who are you thankful for?

Today, at The Assembling of the Church , Alan Knox wrote a list of people in his life for whom he thanks God.  It's a great list; check it out!

He also has inspired me to start to write my own list.  Here it is, so far:

I am thankful for:

  • My grandpa who had a really close relationship with God, in a place and time where I heard very little about such things, even though I was growing up in a very "churched" environment.  Grandpa did not "preach at us", but he loved to pray, and his prayers were deep, loving conversations with his Father.  Because of his prayers, I knew that somehow it was possible to have a loving relationship with God.  And I kept looking for it, because of Grandpa's prayers.
  • My mom, who also had a really close relationship with God.  Mom didn't "preach at us" either, but when I was young and sat next to her in church, or when she was reading her Bible at home, I would look up her face, and see the glow of joy in her eyes, even as tears trickled down her cheeks.  I wondered at that.  How could a person be so wrapped up in God?  I could win every sword drill or Sunday School contest, but it was so cerebral to me.  Mom's relationship with God kept me searching, too.
  • My beautiful five children and my foster-daughter, and my eight grandchildren (so far!).  Being a parent and grandparent helped move my cerebral understanding of God's love down into my heart.  And watching their childhood faith and trust in God (see some examples here in the "miracle stories" ), combined with parenting struggles (see "A Mother's Journey" ) helped me to gradually let go of my self-centered "sense of responsibility" and my "knowledge about God" and learn to turn to my Father as His little child.
  • My friends at the gathering of the street church in our town (check out the links at the top of this blog), many of whom have faced unbelievable troubles in life, but have found Jesus, and are in love with Him ... and though they have so little of this world's goods, have shared that love with me and others beyond what I could have imagined. 
  • My precious husband who keeps loving me, and keeps being patient with me, no matter what I do or don't do.  And has, by his example, helped me to understand God's love and patience with me, no matter what.

.... There are so many others I am thankful for!  Maybe I can add more another day....

Who are you thankful to God for in your life?

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