Saturday, 6 November 2010

Counting My Blessings!

6 November 2010

Lest anyone deduce from some of my recent rambling, that my life leading up to "the crash" was all tough stuff, let me assure you - I have been and continue to be very blessed!  I have a wonderful Father in heaven, Savior, and Spirit who never forsakes me.  I have a husband who loves me, five wonderful children, and 8 awesome grand-kids.  I have a street church family, who despite their own struggles (many of them far more difficult than mine), stand by and encourage and care for me.  I belong to a couple writing groups who encourage me in my joy of writing.  I live in the beautiful sunny Okanagan Valley in southern Beautiful British Columbia.  Life is awesome! Thank You, Lord!

When I was feeling really down and exhausted, and everything seemed so so dark, God gently nudged me to list some of my blessings.  I'll be honest - at that point, it was a difficult list to write.  But as I did, the fog actually started to lift, and I realized more and more how much my Papa truly loves me.

So, here's a list of some of the BLESSINGS in my life in the 4 or so months before my tumble:

  • I accomplished some important writing projects:  I wrote a commissioned play.  I had two active blogs going, Pen and Paper Mama and My Church Journey, with more and more readers commenting and encouraging me.  I was also actively commenting on lots of blogs.  I published the first edition of a new quarterly news magazine for our Penticton Writers and Publishers group.  I was moderating an active e-group. 
  • I was actively involved in our complex's strata council.  It's a great way to meet the neighbors, and be involved in the community.
  • I had opportunities to attend several writing seminars led by experienced writers, and successful publishers.
  • I got three new grandchildren!  And I was able to travel and visit each of them and help out - and see my other grand-kids at the same time :-)
  • I received an excellent letter of reference from my last job.
  • In the spring I learned to use the entire Pro version of the new Word Office suite - and then had opportunities to use those new skills.
  • In mid-summer all my kids (but one) and their families came here for a long weekend.  We had a wonderful time together!
Am I blessed or what?  I am SO BLESSED!!!

In the past couple months, I have been sleeping.  And sleeping.  And sleeping.  Making up, I suppose, for years without enough sleep.  And my husband and son, here at home, and my other children, wherever they are, have been making sure that I obey the doctor and get rested and eat properly.  I have not had to work.  That's a blessing itself.  It's been a beautiful fall, the colors are unbelievable, there's been lots of sunshine.

And I've had so much time with Father.  At first, just collapsing into His arms and resting.  A lot.  And more recently, chatting with Him.  Seeking Him.  Being sought by Him.  Starting to learn again how to praise Him.

I found a Bible that belonged to my mom.  In it were marked the verses, God's mighty promises, that she hung onto when things were hard for her back in the day.  With little notes - initials and dates - beside them, when she'd claimed them from her Father.  A lot of those initials were mine.  And my children's initials too.  And because of the dates, I could look back and remember what was happening in our lives then.  And, oh praise God, He has kept His promises!  He has answered my mom's prayers!  Even after mom went Home to meet Him face-to-face, the answers keep coming.

I AM SO BLESSED! I AM SO LOVED!  Thank You, dear God - Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit.

I LOVE YOU!  Thank You!

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