Thursday, 4 November 2010

Conversation with God over the breakfast table!

November 4, 2010

I was feeling - what? procrastinating? pushed? overwhelmed? getting my back up? - yesterday about my daily "prayer time" hanging over me.

Though I happily chatted with Father throughout the day, informally, I avoided my two "formal prayer request lists."  Even though I have already divided them up into days of the week so they aren't so long and overwhelming (especially, I suppose, in this time of physical, mental, emotional - and perhaps spiritual? - exhaustion that I've been going through).

So today, I'm "facing" both Wednesday and Thursday lists.  Which, I was thinking to myself, I no doubt "deserve," but still I was rather dreading the thought.

But then it occurred to me (oh Father, this had to have come from You.  And I really do think I hear Jesus chuckling, and Sarayu is smiling and totally encouraging me) - it occurred to me that, prayer being conversation with God (yes, with my best Friend, even if sometimes when I contemplate the, ummm - what? burden? effort? requirement? yikes! - of prayer, I'd really rather avoid such "conversation")....

anyway, prayer being conversation with the Love of my life, maybe it would be a lot more enjoyable and fun (wow, that's a concept) if the two of us conversed over a meal.  With our eyes open.  Across the table.  Out loud, I'm thinking. After all, where else do folks have their best fellowship and conversation, than over a meal around the kitchen table?  (Hmmm... shades of Jesus and His disciples, eh...)  (And, yes, shades of Life at The Shack,  too...)

And since it's breakfast time and I'm hungry, breakfast conversation it will be.  Now that is prayer I can look forward to.  Yo!

.... Yep!  You're so here with me!  All of You!  JOY! (and thank You!)

Going to save list #2 for lunch :-)  Yep!

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