Monday, 8 November 2010

New Page: Asking Father About Dementia

I have just completed a new "page" :  Asking Father About Dementia

Do you ever wonder how God can allow people to suffer from dementia?  Or how dementia affects one's relationship with God?  Or how Christians react to those suffering from dementia?  Have you ever been afraid of developing dementia?

On this new page, I have gathered together some of my journal entries that mark the path I have taken in coming to that point of fear, my questions to God about it all, and the path He has taken me out as I have learned to trust Him.  The doctor says I do not have dementia... but even if I did develop it some day, I am no longer in terror of the possibility.  Thank You, Father.


Oh! I just want to add:  If you're worried about depression (and/or about dementia), from a "Christian" viewpoint, check out this conversation at Captain's blog.  I'm not alone.  You're not alone.  We're in this together.  A lot of us.
Thanks for posting, Chad.  And the rest of you who responded.  It helped me a lot.

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