Tuesday, 23 November 2010

2. Post Internet Reading Habits

Recently, at Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight wrote a post called "Your Reading Habits Post Internet."  He asked a series of important questions related to this topic.  I have been thinking about this topic, and jotting down some notes.  Here are my thoughts.

What has changed in your reading habits? Do you read novels less? Magazines less? Books less? Do you read the same or more?
I haven't been a very frequent fiction reader since I became an adult, though I read numerous novels in my younger years.  I do still read fiction, but am particular in my choices.  Now that my life is less busy, I expect that my novel reading will be increasing again!

As an adult,  I've become more interested in non-fiction books, and continue to read books in current areas of interest. I used to usually get books from libraries or borrow from friends; interestingly, I think I actually purchase more books than I used to, because of recommendations on the internet (and probably also because my kids are grown up and I have a bit more money to spend!). 

I used to have 1 or 2 magazine subscriptions at any time, but haven't had any for some time.  I do however still read magazines that I borrow from the library or friends or wherever.  My magazine reading is usually for leisure.  When I have magazine subscriptions they are usually on some topic I am currently really interested in.  I will say that internet reading, especially blogs, has recently taken over magazine use for topics of interest.  I am also using the internet for news more than newspapers or TV these days, probably because I'm already on the net to do writing, work on my blogs, etc, and it's easy to check the news too; it's also an easy way to check several viewpoints on certain news items I'm interested in. 

I have not yet started to read books online, but am certainly thinking of getting a Kindle or something similar.  I actually think I read more now that I did for a long time, but this is probably partly because I'm really working on blogging and other writing, and also because I am not currently working outside the home and don't have children at home (I had five!). 

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