Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Blogs I follow!

November 2, 2010

What blog posts am I following these days on Google Reader? These are all interesting blogs, imho ... check them out!
The Voice of One Crying the the Wilderness - Arthur Sido
A Pilgrim's Progress - Eric Carpenter
A View of the Woods - Lionel Woods
Behind Blue Eyes - Jessica Auner
Beyond Church Walls
Called Out in Kansas - Mark Van Norden
Called to Rebuild - Josh
Captain's Blog - Chad Estes
Cerulean Sanctum - Dan Edelen
Communitus Collective
Deconstructing Neverland - Bobby Auner
Emerging Desert
Idle Musings of a Bookseller - JPS
Internet Monk - Michael Spenser
Jesus Creed - Scot McKnight
John H Armstrong
Jon's Journey -
Journey Deeper Into God's Word - Mark Brown
Kingdom Poets - D S Martin
Leaving Salem - Ronnie McBrayer
Lifestream Blog - Wayne Jacobson
Lifewalk - Dave
Losing My Religion - Jeff McQ
Milt Rodriguez's Blog
On the Journey - co_heir
Reason to Stand - Wes Widner
Reimaging Church - Frank Viola
Roger E Olsen Simply Church - 
A House Church Perspective - Felicity Dale
Spiritual Misfit - Mags Storey
Stuff Christians Like - Jon Acuff
Subversive 1 - Keith Giles
Tales From Middle Earth - Strider
Tall Skinny Kiwi - Andrew
The Adventures of Mael & Cindy
The Assembling of the Church - Alan Knox
The Ekklesia in Southern Maine - Dan Allen
The Gathering Lakeside
The God Journey podcast - Wayne and Brad
The M Blog - Guy Muse
The Thinklings - Jared, Mark, Phil, Bird, Bill
Thinking as a Woman - Alice C
Under the Linden Tree - Diana
Windrumors - Wm Paul Young

Okay, I have to admit I have other subscriptions, and would love to hear from them, but they seem to be on long-term holidays!  Oh well, I can relate.  I go on holidays - voluntary and involuntary - from time to time myself.  I'll let you know if and when they return.

I also subscribe to the following email subscriptions:
Under The Cover of Prayer
to Love, Honor and Vaccuum - Sheila GregoireSimple Church Journal aka HouseChurchBlog - Roger Thoman 
The Normal Christian - Anthony Verderame

Anyway, there you are!  Eclectic mix, eh :-)
Have I missed any really fantastic blogs? (Like yours, maybe?)

I also subscribe to a number of blogs in the areas of writing, publishing, blogging, and alternative lifestyles.  You can check out that list at Pen and Paper Mama


Jessica said...

ok I'm a total ditz. I had no idea that you had a blog... LOL. I am so sorry! Bobby was saying something about your blog and I was like I didn't know she had a blog and he said yeah just click on her name where she's comments. Then I was really amazed! I didn't know you could do that! Ok so now I know, so I'm adding you to my blog roll!

norma j hill said...

Oh, Jessica, you just gave me my good laugh of the day. No problem, and you most definitely are not a ditz, lol!

I love your blog and I am honored to be included on your blog roll, too. Thank you.