Wednesday 10 November 2010

Telling You what to do and how to do it, when we pray

Dear Father, Jesus, Sarayu (Holy Spirit)...

I've been thinking about some of the things we pray about.

Like praying for physical healing for people who are really sick.  Especially old people, who just want to come Home to You.  And why do we pray for healing of "incurable" cancer, but not for healing of other "incurables" like dementia or certain kinds of "disabilities"?

I'm finding it harder and harder to pray prayers that ask You to heal (and tell you exactly what and how).

(Or to pray prayers that tell You exactly what to do about all kinds of other things).

Because I really don't know if my plans and wishes (or the plans and wishes of the people who pass on "requests" to me to pray about) are really for the best.

Mostly, I just want people to KNOW YOU!

(And in my experience, sometimes - okay, often - "bad things" are often necessary for us humans to turn to You).

(And I really do think, understand, more and more, that "to die is gain."  Really.  To be with You face-to-face!  WOW!  Thank You, Jesus.  Praise Your Holy Name!)

Please help me hear Your voice, Holy Spirit, as You help me to pray.  Thank You.

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