Wednesday 10 November 2010

is it church if it's not too "overtly spiritual"?

At our street church breakfast gatherings on Sunday mornings, sometimes we have what might be recognized as "services" after eating ... and sometimes we don't.  And sometimes I worry a bit about the "don't" times.

But I just realized....

Although we didn't do much of anything "overtly spiritual" on Sunday at street church, YOU were there with Your people.

How do I know?  I knew Your JOY!  I had a wonderful time with Your children.  Seeing them enjoying and being blessed by the food You provided to me to share with them, blessed me too!  And You gave me opportunities to share and care (love!) over breakfast and as we visited and drank coffee afterward.  And as we cleaned up after breakfast.  Talking about You.  Asking and answering questions.  Hugs and prayers as You led.  Between individuals.  In small "natural" groups of 3 or 4.  Not planned.  Just being.  With You.

And even that little chat (and big hug) with L as I was leaving and she was walking past.  And the few quiet words we shared about the depression we've both been experiencing.  And that we both know we aren't alone.  Well, Father, You know what I am saying...

Thank You!  It was Your church - and I was a part of it!  Oh, Thank You!

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