Tuesday 23 November 2010

3. Post Internet Reading Habits

Recently, at Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight wrote a post called "Your Reading Habits Post Internet."  He asked a series of important questions related to this topic.  I have been thinking about this topic, and jotting down some notes.  Here are my thoughts.

Has the internet made you more of a scanner instead of a reader?What percentage of your reading is now internet reading?  Would you call internet reading “reading”?

I still read when I'm using books, magazines, etc.  But I've gotten to be a scanner on-line, until I find something I find really interesting, and then I read carefully, take notes, and respond.  Being able, often, to easily respond to the writer is something I love about the internet.  I would say that at the moment about 60 to 70% of my reading is online.  I am also slowly starting to listen to podcasts and watch informational videos a bit, but it takes effort.  I still prefer to read, or at least listen to live speakers! 

I would definitely call internet reading "reading" ... when I find something worthwhile.  I think I'm more discriminating in my on-line reading than my other reading.  I'll read ridiculously inane stuff in magazines and newspapers, just to read, just for leisure, but I don't do that on the internet; I just skim over that kind of stuff and/or move on to something more useful.  I think that is probably because my internet reading is generally for informational purposes rather than leisure.  .

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