Thursday 25 November 2010

making money with my blog?

Guest blogger Roman, on ProBlogger,  writes about how two years ago he started a blog, howthiswebsitemakesmoney, to make money on-line.  He hasn't been making a lot of cash on that blog, at least not yet, though he has learned a lot about blog-money-making-methods. 

Disappointed by that blog, he decided, just for pure pleasure, to take the advice to "Create a site about what you know and enjoy."  As he is living in Prague, and enjoying it a great deal, he started a blog about it,  As an afterthought, he offered, for $4 a shot, to send out hand-written postcards with scenes of Prague.  This has turned out to be surprisingly successful!  He also found writing this new blog to be very easy, compared to the howthiswebsitemakesmoney  blog.  Turns out people are grateful - and Roman's making money!

So what's his advice to wanna-be "make-money-online" bloggers?

"Intend to enjoy and you might make money"

Of course, making money is about traffic, clicks, affiliates, backlinks SEO, but it’s also about finding something you enjoy doing.  If your intent is only to make money the odds are stacked against you: you will probably quit.  But if your intent is to do something you enjoy then you will keep moving forward until one day, you will be surprised to find that you are making money.

"What’s your intent?"

What great advice!  I'm going to take it!  Watch for changes coming up!  (As soon as I figure out my intent...)

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