Friday, 5 February 2010

Words... connotations... denotations....

31 January 2010

At street church breakfast today, Pastor P was saying, “That’s abundant life!” about something good that God had done in someone’s life (and he was right). But I kind of shivered.

It’s amazing how perfectly wonderful words and phrases can take on sadly negative connotations when they are used too loosely and too often, or applied to what should be but often isn’t…. So I thought to myself, maybe from now on I’ll change that expression to “living abundantly” – which really isn’t all that different, but it doesn’t have that negative connotation for me… and because it puts the verb, the action, in first place, instead of the adjective, the descriptor, coming first…. Hmmm….

(Is that bad/evil of me to feel that way, to feel negatively about certain words or phrases because of personal experience?)

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