Friday, 12 February 2010

Going on Mission? Your will!!!

Feb 8, 2010

Father, K came in this morning and asked me if I have any fundraising ideas (to raise money to go on mission with her group – in early April – just under 2 months from now! I have little or no money right now… and I’d need a couple thousand dollars for travel and other needs…. Father, in some ways I’d love to go… but You know how I feel about the cost of short-term missions trips, and how I wonder if that amount of money could be used more effectively on a longer-term trip or by just sending that money to be used right there for those peoples’ needs? … On the other hand, I do want to do Your will!... So I am getting my passport and things in order… and we’ll see what happens eh! (Your will alone be done! Please!)

Oh, by the way, yesterday at coffee time, ___ asked me if I would be willing to teach him to write in English, and in return he would help me to improve my French and also learn some Spanish (his fluent languages)! LOL… I was speaking French to myself all the way home, as I walked along!

…. (later in the day)… So today, I got my passport photos taken, and picked up the forms and will fill them in and submit them in the next day or so, and make an appointment with the doctor to see about immunizations and such…

Oh Papa, Your will be done!!! 

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