Saturday, 13 February 2010

Dropping keys or building cages?

13 February 2010

I received an email from a blog I subscribe to The Art of Non-Conformity, Feb 8, 2010:, in which the blogger, Chris Guillebeau, writes:

“Think about the times when someone has really helped you think or live differently. It was like they placed a key on the ground in front of you; you picked it up and unlocked a cage… The goal… is simple: build less cages; drop more keys…
But whatever you do, don’t be the small man building cages. Be the sage, dropping keys for the prisoners.
What keys do you hold that could set a prisoner free?”

Father, I am sensing that this is what you are calling me to do among Your people, in the place You have set me at this time… and to also do among those You are calling to Yourself who don’t yet know You. I am seeing a whole new, deeper meaning to that phrase, “Here to set God’s people free” … Father, so often we only “scrape the surface” of these understandings… and until we, Your children, are truly set free from our own imprisonments, our own cages (which we don’t even recognize, so often, these gilded cages we’ve built and have come to honor and believe in so much that we don’t even see them for what they are, even when the pain they cause is right in our faces…), how can we ever expect to be able to reach out to others with Your love, so that they too can be set free?

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