Saturday, 27 February 2010

Moving on???

February 24, 2010

Today I felt so sad that I broke down and cried. The stuff that is going back and forth between people I care about – people You care about even more, Father ! -… it feels like a downward spiral, a spiraling out of control… a whirlpool whirling faster and faster, growing wider and wider, sucking everything down with it.

How can people do this to each other?

I was asked to make phone calls about some things – and I felt sick doing it. (I was also asked to do something that I just had to say “No!” to…)

But one of the calls I made, the person called me back and prayed for me (because they could tell just listening to my voice on the message that I left, that I was feeling so sad)… and FOUR people today encouraged me, said I’m doing a good job – and one person even said, “Oh! You’re on mission!!!” (And I said, yes, I know that… it’s just hard,,,)

And another person who doesn’t even go there and has no idea what is going on, phoned me at home, and said they are praying for me…

And then I looked on face book, and a friend has posted a new status: “We must seek to know that we are where we are because God has put us there in the interest of His Son, and hen it must be God who just as definitely moves us when the time has come.”

And that’s true…. Anyway, Papa… You know I am ready and willing to move on too – when Your time has come!

(Papa, everybody seems to just be “doing their own thing” with no regard to what anyone else is doing about the same things… and everyone seems to have a totally different viewpoint than everyone else…

And yet they are all sure that You have spoken to them and that they are right….

Should ___ even be offering to come in and save the situation? Should it even be saved? (I sure don’t know… I guess only You know, eh! Thank goodness You do know all things and have them under control even though it doesn’t really look like it to us!)

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