Friday, 5 February 2010

Abiding in the Father, Unity in the body

02 February 2010

Prayer, much prayer, is needed. We as believers do want the Holy Spirit to have HIS way…so since I don’t have much to do today, I think I better make some GOOD use of my “spare time” by praying! Praying that GOD’S WILL be done – and that He shows that will to each one (including me, of course!) and bring each one prepared and in unity with the Spirit as we gather together.

I think that each of us really does want that – but if people are like me (and I think we all are to some degree – it is part of the human condition, eh), we each do “perceive” to some degree through our own past experiences and so on, and so we really do need to pray, pray, pray that God will open our eyes so we see past our own perceptions, to see as He sees. Not easy for any of us, but the only way to really be willing to give up everything we personally desire, and come together in unity in our Father, in HIS desires.

Perhaps we need most of all to pray for ourselves and each other, that we would all truly be “one in the Spirit,” casting aside our own longings and wishes and past experiences and even our own “interpretations of Scripture” … and become united in HIS love, as we let HIM have HIS way 100% even if we don’t like it (and boy, oh boy, sometimes “I” my “self” don’t like it!)… because if we can let Him have His way unimpeded, that unity and love will come. It is so hard for us to see beyond our own viewpoints and experiences and even our own interpretations of Scripture…

It is a long journey, one that has to be taken day by day, moment by moment, with our Father… and, tough as it may be, day by day together! The enemy desires above all to destroy our unity with our Father, and with each other as Father’s children. He does that by appealing, just as he did to Eve in the garden, to our “self.” In my personal walk, “dying to self” has always been the hardest thing … my “self” is the thing the enemy tries to keep alive. And I believe he does it to each of us. A lot! If he can succeed in making me “get my back up” with my brothers and sisters (and with my Father), he has won. He doesn’t have to care about programs or outreaches or methods or styles or anything… he just has to keep me being “self”-ish, wanting “my” way… He succeeded with Adam and Eve in the garden and he’s been doing a lot of succeeding ever since. But Jesus has won the war (though the enemy is determined to fight to the bitter end, and bring down every member of Father’s family if he possibly can, in one way or another, manage it).

We ARE in a position to be united with our Father and each other… but only when we are willing to give up every ounce of “my way” to completely submit to Father’s way. That’s what “abiding in the Father” means. And it can only be achieved if we are “praying without ceasing” … if we are consciously turning to Him for every little step, every little moment, every little conversation, every little action, every little decision… every little thought!

Maybe when we get together for “meetings” to try and “sort things out,” we should just pray and pray and pray and pray together as long as it takes, until the moment comes when Jesus’ Spirit confirms in all our spirits that we are finally united in His plans and purposes and love.

We are not called to battle with each other – only with the enemy and with our own flesh, our own “self.” And we already know that we can’t win that battle, ourselves. Only God can defeat the enemy – and He already has. But we have to be so united with Him, so walking in His Presence, that we totally allow Him to be the Head, our only leader, our only teacher, the one Shepherd, the “Lord of Hosts!”

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