Friday, 12 February 2010


Feb 8, 2010

Dear Papa,

Please heal R from her pain… please look after D&L wherever they are, whatever they are doing… Please help J to really kick his addictions and come into wholeness and healing … please bring all my kids and their spouses and their children and their relatives to Yourself (and use me, please, YWBD!) … please guide me with what You want me to do with my writing… please be with P and the street ministry – and Your Will Be Done, when he meets with W today…. Please be with D and bring your great healing and answer her prayers for her children and her grandchildren and all! … Please give my mom and dad a hug (okay, I don’t even think that is probably scriptural exactly .. but who knows? Anyway, You know my heart… and my loneliness…)… Please be with ___ and even bring healing from his cancer (though I know he is looking forward to coming home to be with You – and that’s the ultimate healing  … but yesterday he told P that even though he is looking forward to meeting You face-to-face, he kind of hates to leave our “street family” … that’s something, eh! Thank You, Lord, that Your love is having such an impact on lives!) … and please be with ___ in his chemo… and ___ with his cancer… so many of the street family need Your healing (temporal and/or eternal! )

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