Friday, 12 February 2010

'My Vision'

Feb 7, 2010

[And oh yeah! I also just found “my vision” that I also wrote out many years ago – written Nov 2002, but developed over a number of years before that]

“It is my vision to lead other women into wholeness and hope through new lives permeated by faith and love in God alone. My desire is to be a Titus 2:3-5 “older woman,” by teaching, preaching, and sharing and caring in practical ways…

And this is my dream, an extension of God’s call for me: … to be part of an intentional community of God’s people… who live holistically, in unity, flowing together, learning, growing in faith, sharing talents and interests and dreams in work and play… a retreat center, and thrift store/ coffee house/ practical training center/ soup kitchen, etc, where women can grow in Christ and share together and support each other… learn together the old practical skills… sing and pray and study the Word and worship together… share each others’ joys and burdens; become holistically healthy and fit together… reach out to the greater community.. share God’s word and God’s love; support teens and women in crisis… work with women and teens in trouble and give them a passion for learning, and goals in life, set upon the foundation of Jesus… support single moms, and widows, and young moms, and women struggling with marriage and children… and those dealing with poverty and loneliness and despair. Where older women can teach and guide and help younger women (Titus 2:3-5)… where… as God has called me to preach and teach/ speak, I can share with others a vision of wholeness in a life permeated by faith in God.”

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