Saturday, 27 February 2010

More trouble....

February 20, 2010

Well, the meeting the other night was nice, it that they went all the way around the table, each person sharing their heart (and only one tiny interruption) … seemed like they were really listening to each other, and some really pretty amazing things were said…. But then after all that, some people got all upset… seems like people just can’t let go of the past… and that they “expect” bad things of each other, so no matter what each other says, it ends up being perceived as bad. On the other hand, I loved it when they stopped at the “Jesus” chair half way around, and, I think, they really did stop and listen… oh, I do hope it was really listening, Papa…. And then the prayer circle afterwards, when things settled down, that was hopeful.

The person who called the meeting really did all she could possibly do… but Father, if people won’t listen to You, if they’re so caught up in bitterness and hurt and all… and yet, Father, I’ve been there too… and You’ve brought me out (please keep me out… please don’t let me slip….)

… so Papa, please soften their hearts, please turn their hearts to You… please help them to get past “words” into real living relationship with You!

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