Friday, 12 February 2010

Such Dreams I Dream!

Feb 7, 2010

As I sit here and talk to You about all this, I hear You saying, “Take another look at that statement you wrote years ago… that “Such dreams I dream!” statement…

Okay, I’m going to look at it right now – but I already know that it will take You, the mover of mountains, to fulfill this! And yet, right now, I believe – I KNOW!!! You can – and will!!!

“O Lord God, such dreams I have! … That all my children and their families will totally follow You… [Yes! You are already fulfilling this one!] …. That ___ will become a mighty preacher [Papa! Nothing is impossible!] … that my husband and I will stand together in vital ministry ordained by You, in a marriage totally centered in You! … that our family’s pains will be healed and we will love You and each other [this too You are clearly fulfilling! Thank You!] …. That someday we/I will serve You in other nations [hmmm…. I’ve just been asked to go along on a mission to another nation… where I can even use my French!] …. That I will someday get that PhD [Papa??!!]

I dream… of being involved in an intentional Christian community where we can live and heal and rest and meet God together… “we” being whoever God sends our way… and maybe “camp” ministries… and of a place of Christian outreach for the teens of our communities… and of a place of Christian outreach to women… and of a place of Christian outreach for teen pregnancies and teen parents… Oh Lord, You know all about those dreams.

I dream of writing… and drawing… and making music with guitar, piano, voice… to the glory of God!

I dream of a nice warm house with enough space for all my family… and space and suitability to reach out in ministries of hospitality and sharing and caring… in the name of Jesus! … and of a special, warm, comfy, private space – with good lighting, and lots of library shelves and study space – for me to meet daily with my Lord in study and prayer… [my family is much smaller now that my children are grown, and now we OWN this sweet little house that really does fulfill most of those dreams … but I sense something else, something bigger, is coming down the road… Papa?!!]

I dream of meeting regularly with others – in my own home, Lord! – any anywhere else You lead! – for intensive prayer and intercession and praise and worship and song and dance! Before You, Lord!

I dream of transformed lives and transformed communities – in our community here and in our former home communities – and to the ends of the earth!! Praise God!

I dream of no longer being tired all the time… but lifted up by my Lord on wings as eagles – to run and not be weary, to walk and not faint – to soar with You, Lord! Praise God! [And oh! I AM feeling better, stronger – much more so!]

Oh God, I want to know You more, I want to love You more. I want to walk with You always, eternally… no turning back!!! [Yes, oh yes, You are surely fulfilling this!]

Colossians 2:13-15 Yes Lord, You are the victor! The war is over! And every skirmish from the conquered yet still defiant enemy can be won by my trust in You and my dependence on You! Truly, nothing is impossible with You, Lord God, my Heavenly Father! Thank You for triumphing on the cross, dear Lord Jesus! Praise Your Name, Lord God! Thank You for Your gift of Your Holy Spirit! I love You, great Three-in-One! Amen!

I don’t have to listen to satan’s arguments. If a dream is truly from God – as witnessed by the truth of His word – God will fulfill HIS purposes and plans as I accept them and trust in Him! No ands, ifs, buts! Amen! Praise God!”

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