Friday, 12 February 2010

Seeing You Moving Things Along?!?

Feb 8, 2010

“If you find openness with unbelievers daunting, ask God to show you why. Try listing your fears and faulty perceptions. Once you’ve been honest with yourself, decide to get honest with others about your faith. Being real is opening the doors to new opportunities to share why I’m a Christian. And why not? It’s who I am and what I’m called to do.” (Dawn Yrene)

Yesterday at the street church gathering after breakfast, a woman who works out of the room adjoining the other room where we were gathering together with Jesus, came out and asked us to be quiet (we really weren’t being loud…). And right then P and T and myself (all separately; we discovered this later) were thinking, “Here we go again…” And P thought, this is it, this is the “cherry that tops everything” … once again we are being viewed as a problem in our borrowed spaces…

And today after morning street coffee, Pastor P came and toured this other church building with W, and the two of them think sharing it would be awesome – and so do other pastors/churches in this community so see its downtown core location right next to a large high school, as an ideal outreach place not only for street people, but also for those living close to the poverty line, and troubled youth, and all kinds of other “community outreach.” The group of believers who rents this building as their “church building” could still use it on Sunday mornings for their services, and for their office space, and for their evening Bible studies and such … and then the street outreach ministry and the other “churches” in the community could, TOGETHER!!!, also use it all the rest of week, days and evenings alike, as a base for reaching out TOGETHER as the “church in our community” to those around us.


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